• Special Interview about Malaysian Cities: Small Initiatives, Big Impact

    By Sharmila Nair from The Star Online YOU’VE heard of the term “smart city”. You may even be living in one right now. But what exactly is a smart city, and what can it do for you? According to the Sustainable Cities Standardisation Framework In Relations To ICT Aspects 2016 (Technical Code), a smart sustainable [...]

    November 15, 2017, ,
  • Smart Cities White Paper: Habitats for Humans

    Alok Patel, CEO - Azcende Venture Capital / Global Vision Board Member In this paper we present current thinking on smart cities in the Australian context which we hope will help policymakers and the private sector make informed decisions on how to best manage change. It has been developed based on two roundtables held in [...]

    September 15, 2017,
  • Short Documentary: Solving Urban Problems Using Technology

    To solve modern city problems like traffic congestion and air pollution, city governments need to think different. Here is an eight-minute documentary on how Palo Alto, California, is using technology to create a better life for its citizens. An interview with the smart city leaders of Palo Alto. In this video the smart city leaders [...]

    July 31, 2017, ,
  • Energy Justice / A Special Cross-Cutting Theme Report

    Prof. Dr. Ramazan Sari (Co-Author) - Global Vision Board Member Executive Summary Energy justice seeks to embed principles of justice, fairness and social equity into energy systems and energy system transitions. This report gives an overview of emerging research in ‘energy justice’ and explores how ideas within different Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) disciplines interact [...]

    July 4, 2017,
  • 10 Tips – How to Avoid Citizen Engagement Pitfalls in Smart Cities Deployment

    Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO FAVORIOT, Malaysia Many citizen engagement mobile apps (example - identifying pothole, drainage faulty traffic light, illegal parking, unattended, etc. issues) failed simply because it’s unable to sustain the popularity, usage, and continuous enhancement. Why? Below I listed some of the tips for the city authorities to consider avoiding these failures: Buy-in [...]

    June 13, 2017, ,
  • The Boost of Crowdfunded Smart Cities Concept

    Dr. Renato De Castro Smart City concept is not new. If you think only in the use of technology to solve urban problems or to make our life's better we can easily recall the Egyptians building the pyramids, Chinese rising walls for public protection or the Romans creating a half-world empire using mobility strategies like [...]

    March 20, 2017,
  • Do We Really Need A New Holistic Security Perspective for Smart Cities?

    Asst. Prof. Fahri Erenel The simulations concerning that the growing urbanisation and population movements will have resulted in addition of 2.5 billion people in current world population by the year of 2050 have increased each passing day. Nowadays, it has been seen that the borders of the cities in which more than 50 % of [...]

    March 11, 2017,
  • Battle of Attracting Great Talents & Effect of Smarting Up

    According to the UN reports, nearly half of the current world population, which is around 3.6 billion, have been living in cities and the proportion will be 5 billion by 2030. Cities are the main locomotive of global economic growth, but rapid urbanization brings various problems as well. So, smart cities provide an integrated approach [...]

    February 19, 2017,
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