Data and Smart Governance

Data and Smart Governance »

Smart Governance is related to the future of public services by using technology to facilitate and support better planning and decision making systems. Therefore, access to meaningful data is a core demand and indispensable part of a smart governance to improve service delivery and citizens’ quality of live. Four elements might be more critical than [...]
Cyber Security of Cities: Are We Really Safe?

Cyber Security of Cities: Are We Really Safe? »

A failure of internal systems might be a private misfortune, but failure of connected city systems can be catastrophic. At some situations, it might brings about even more dangerous situations than terrorist attacks because the impact of an extensive cyber attack has a significant potential to create social unrest and to disturb every individual at [...]
Circular Smart City Economy

Circular Smart City Economy »

The circular economy is a generic term which refers to no waste and no pollution by design or intention, which aims to keep products, components and materials at their highest utility and value at all times against the today’s Linear Economy which is a “take, make and dispose” model of production. We can think of [...]
Smart Mobility & Disruptive Approaches

Smart Mobility & Disruptive Approaches »

The terminology we use in Smart City concepts can be confusing sometimes and not be so clear that everybody can understand what we mean just like it occurs about using the term of “Smart Mobility” instead of simply using “Transportation”. Mobility describes the ability of people and goods to move around an area to access [...]
Five Elements of a Resilient Energy Future

Five Elements of a Resilient Energy Future »

Transportation, industrial & commercial activities, buildings & infrastructures, water distribution, food production, entertainment, waste management or any other elements of life, most of those activities take place in or around cities which are on average responsible for 75% of a country’s Gross Domestic product (GDP) and therefore the main growth engines of world economy. And [...]
Living, Regenerative and Adaptive Buildings

Living, Regenerative and Adaptive Buildings »

It is a great progress for humanity that new age buildings can achieve to minimize environmental harm, promise decrease in carbon-emissions, more dedicated to energy efficiency and so forth. Nevertheless, what would happen if we went further? Could we give back to nature more and make a positive contribution to the environment or people’s lives? [...]


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